The More You Know the Better: Coffee, Episode II

As a conglomeration of three of my previous posts (those regarding coffee, Arcade Fire, and Partners in Health), I would love to recommend to you, dear reader, the Rara blend of coffee from La Colombe. This blend was developed by Arcade Fire core member and lead singer Win Butler, is grown in Haiti, and the proceeds from its sale go to Partners in Health (to read our previous post on Partners in Health, click here) as well as the Haiti Coffee Academy (an organization devoted to revitalizing the coffee industry in Haiti).

Here stands fashion icon, musical genius, and Rara roaster Win Butler

As a Starbucks-trained barista, I can wholeheartedly confirm that this coffee is absolutely fantastic (flavorful yet balanced, smooth yet nicely-bodied). It may even give Trader Joe’s Fair Trade-Certified French Roast some tough competition. Regardless, try Rara from La Colombe and help brew up a better world.


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