We bring you the coolest things that we think are cool.


Shreya Patel: Shreya was born in 1999 at the tender age of zero. She’s really good at being bad at things, really bad at being good at things, and really things good bad at. Shreya’s heart is filled with her love for photography, indie music, YA novels, small woodland animals, Patrick, Isabel, Kurt Vonnegut, democratic socialism, and the majestic creature that is Isabel’s dog. One day, she hopes to own a dog just like him, or maybe several. Maybe twelve dogs just like him. So far, her career goals have included being an astronaut, a doctor, Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, the guy who sells the Mickey balloons at Disney World, and a staffer on a cool online newspaper. One out of five isn’t bad when the newspaper is this cool :)).

Patrick McGuire: Patrick is a nightmare dressed like a daydream who currently resides in Ft. Polk, Louisiana. He is a military child who has moved a total of… like a bunch of times. He likes (and by “likes,” we of course mean is completely consumed by his obsession with) alternative music, Boyhood, puns, witty TV shows, J.D. Salinger, the sixth thing in this list which holds the place of something else he can’t think of but which isn’t ready for the emotional power of being the last thing in the list, and the Oxford comma (sorry, Ezra Koenig <3). He absolutely loves you, esteemed reader, for visiting this newspaper and this page, he truly adores the staffers between whom he is sandwiched on the about page, and he holds a special relationship with Isabel’s dog.

Isabel Giovannetti: Isabel lives in Tampa, Florida, with her parents and stunningly gorgeous dog, whom she claims to only pretend to love, but we know the truth. She’s an excellent student, writer, volleyball player, book reader, reporter, photographer,and more. If Isabel’s incredible resumé isn’t impressive enough, she’s sure to also wow you with her kindness and her plucky stick-to-itveness. 



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