The More You Know the Better #3

In re: The More You Know the Better #2

If you’re like Patrick, you know that not all coffee is created equal. For those of you who aren’t, (he is a unique soul, after all): Fair-Trade coffee is produced under specific standards that prohibit forced labour, in addition to child labour. The social movement allows local producers and communities to be adequately reimbursed for their work, and supports environmental sustainability since the coffee is grown without harsh pesticides or chemicals. This means a healthier lifestyle for you, as well as a potential increase in access to medicine, education, food, water, shelter, and more for workers and their families overseas. If that’s not enough, it may even taste better: organic coffee plants create soil that holds their complex nutrient base. These plants can then feed nutrients back in at a slow and steady rate, adding a stronger, smoother flavor to the beans. So the next time you’re at the grocery store, look for the Fair Trade logo that certifies that your coffee was produced in the best possible way- and if you happen to be at Trader Joe’s, please pick up some Organic Fair Trade-Certified French Roast Whole Bean and mail it to us in order to give Pat’s tragic plot twist a happy denoument.


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